Poetry From a Friend

Once I spoke a Truth Untold

Once I spoke a truth untold, it grew and grew uncontrolled.

It swallowed mountains deep and made my valley’s weep

Smothered all love I had known and so the seed was sown.

Brightly shined and glinted as a sword newly minted.

Beloved wounded fierce, through my heart were they pierced.

I sought to spare them pain yet despite all my gain

All I most valued was lost- such was the baleful cost.

I promised heaven and withheld leaven.

For a smile and with all guile, blind through all the wile

In darkness without light still bereft of guided sight

Leading those following me whom never did they see.

In obscurity gloss such was our grievous loss.

No star of truth to guide our way to our ever great dismay.

All for lack of Truth unchanging, nothing else dare remaining.

In the end we stood there before all completely bare

As the dead clothed in unseen thread which we wed.

What do you have to say to me?

Unseeing eyes of darkness search for light. 

Seems all hope has taken flight.

Silence fills each night by night

While morn past is crucified.

Now the dark chasm opens wide 

For those who can’t see inside.

What do you have to say to me

Who sails beyond the veiling sea?

You who dwell on the shore 

Basking in the light of yore.

Enveloping Darkness me

That you do not see.

You who live in light

Enjoying passed delight

What do you have to say to me?

Many words or silence still

Offer ye yourselves until

Nothing is left and all is nil.

This endless hole you cannot fill.

What do you have to say to me?

Weak our feeble light 

Compared to this dark night

Soon it too will come for you

What can you say for me?

Mortally wounded in the duel

Passing thought seeming cruel.

May what is dark be made bright?

Can hope be returned to sight?

What do you do you have to say for me?

Only eternal Sun conquers endless night

With resplendent brilliant light.

What do you have to say to me

Who sails beyond the veiling sea?

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