Thank You Eric Voellm

For anyone willing to face the truth it has become exceedingly obvious that fascism has arrived on America’s political shores and has now fought its way into the White House. All of the defining features of fascism are there to see. Big business and government collaboration, brown shirt like political intimidation tactics, blatantly unconstitutional government policy, censoring, book burning, erasing of history, violent demonstrations all summer, the drive for one party rule, disregard for established congressional rules, deep social control through threatened job loss or position, the increasing demands for reprogramming and indoctrination of political opponents, the capture of youth through public education, the presence of bizarre and transgressive personalities in key administration positions, businesses protecting themselves by joining in with the censoring, sidelining and demonization of political opponents. Yep folks it’s here and we can only pray it doesn’t hit the depths of moral depravity that communist (a close cousin of fascism) Russia and Nazi Germany sank to.

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