Congratulations Comrades!

From Charles Galbraith:

Inauguration Day 2021: Congratulations, Comrades!

Your PARTY has been Uploaded, Installed and Weaponized

Today, a handful of inner circle PARTY members and special friends were permitted to actually attend the Biden Hologram Inauguration.

In general, these PARTY loyalists appeared to be uncomfortable and distracted as cameras scanned their uniformly Covid-masked faces looking for familiar figures. Repetitive tight shots on Obama, Michelle, Kamala and their new gal pal Gaga elicited schoolgirl gushing from some predictable Fox News Pom Pom girls.

The 46th President was sworn in by reliable Obama ally, Chief Justice Roberts and read his tightly scripted speech like a bot, only getting confused a couple of times.

In my view The Hologram’s speech can be summed up thus: All Americans must now unify, unify, unify — including those 74 million fear mongering, nativist, white supremacists waging an “uncivil war” that the leftists must crush like bugs. That’s not sarcasm; it’s essentially what this empty head of the neocom Trojan Horse said. RINOS were bawling in tears of support.

Bite Me then headed to the White House to sign seventeen (17) immediate Executive Orders gutting every major policy President Trump was overwhelmingly elected in 2016 to fix — and did. That Trump did so in spite of every failed effort by the neocoms to undermine and overturn this successful reformer’s election just made them more deranged. So let’s get down to the reality of what is on the way:

Travel ban from countries which are failed states that remain hot beds of Radical Islamic terroristic ideology and criminal activity? GONE.

Extra vetting for those Biden will now allow entry from such countries? Forget it. The PARTY needs every vote it can beg, borrow or er, appropriate in preparation for the anticipated GOP voter backlash in the 2022 Midterms.

Biden made a holy vow to not build even “one more inch” of border security walls preventing illegal immigration and anticipated rise in crime. What did you expect, actual problem solving like President Trump?

All deportation of illegal immigrants who came here before January 1, 2021 will stop, including those with criminal records. Sanctuary, baby! Think of a one PARTY system with numbers that can’t be beat.

Rejoin the economically disastrous and unfairly applied Paris Climate Accords, a neocom shill for international redistribution of American wealth? DONE.

Rejoining the Marxist run W.H.O. who covered up for Communist China’s COVID disaster? No problemo! We will beg for forgiveness and inclusion!

Immediately block the Keystone Pipeline which will immediately raise gas prices for all Americans and make Middle East oil nation’s richer? Absolutely!

Giving a “path to citizenship” for “11 million” (likely some estimated 30 million) current illegal immigrants? It could ultimately wind up being something between getting an instant green card to immediate citizenship, depending on the circumstances. Comprende?

Fair and balanced actual immigration law reform forged in bipartisan cooperation — Unity, unity, unity? Just ask Pelousy, Little Stalina and the neocoms who clearly tell the Hologram what to say and do. And remember, your PARTY’s successor is all arranged.

And what about that COVID vaccine distribution that states are holding up? Give them more trillions!

Suspend student loan payments? Done!

And where are the trillions and trillions needed to do all this and so much more that we as a nation can’t afford on top of the 26 TRILLION we already owe plus monthly interest? Don’t be a white supremacist, xenophobe and fear mongering PARTY pooper, Comrade! The Hologram and his BigTech corporate partners and authoritarian allies will figure something out — together.

“Do not pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” ~ Bruce Lee

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