Mo Brooks: ‘Trump Won the Electoral College’ — I Can Be a Part of the ‘Surrender Caucus’ or I Can Fight for Our Country

Monday during an appearance on FBN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) vowed not to go down without a fight despite states having certified Electoral College results earlier in the day, which paved the way for Joe Biden to become the President-elect. | Clips
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My Rant On Facebook Copied Below

I cannot get over how horrible things are in the former United States of America. I can’t believe how many people think installing Joe Biden in this coup de tat and disenfranchising 80 million Trump voters is acceptable. I cannot believe I’m witnessing the collapse of everything I believed about my life as an American including the utter destruction of the rule of law embodied in the theoretical “Supreme Court.” I can’t believe at 63 this is how my life as a former American “citizen”is ending up. I can’t believe I know intelligent people who don’t want to hear about or listen to videos about or read about the mountain of evidence of massive fraud, who don’t care that the Biden’s are Chinese agents, who actually “think” there’s a reasonable basis to believe that the red wave in the House and Senate could be accompanied by a win for a senile old gibberish spouting fool who didn’t campaign. Really they think people actually voted Republican for every candidate except President. I can’t believe my college taught things like honor codes and would take away scholarships for stealing other peoples IDEAS in papers 45 years ago and it’s the same world today that is ok with fkking stupidity and lying and cheating. I think Rush Limbaugh is lucky he’s going to be dead soon. He doesn’t deserve to live through the hell on earth the Godless liberals have succeeded in serving up with the help of the cowardly penis-less Republicans.

So once upon a time we lived in a world as depicted in pre-2020 entertainment with things like spectator sports, theatrical performances, parties, colleges and universities, restaurants, stores, small businesses, sound ideas, scholarships, intellectual honesty, truth, belief in God and Jesus Christ, belief in the rule of law, credible election outcomes, decency, fairness and actual hope for a “better tomorrow”, gatherings of friends, courage, belief in the natural law, an unwillingness to surrender everything for fear of germs, an unwillingness to take everything at face value, where we judged people by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin but that world does not exist anymore. That world is finished. I just can’t believe how everything has gone to shit at such warp speed. And all of this because of hatred- the hatred of certain power mad people for Donald Trump and the values we supporters share with him.