First Real Post About This Site

So I started this blog when I was ‘retired’ from my day job which used to require me to sit in front of a computer screen all day long. I decided that I would share my opinions and artwork on my own site instead of ‘social’ media because I clearly envision the day when my self interest will replace my ‘social’, ie, ‘big brother’ account so might as well start now.

(‘So’ is the first word out of my mouth when I start talking so get used to it. I’m not trying to be cute or original. ) You’ll be seeing it a lot here. Anyway I have zero patience with the digital sphere so my brother will be posting pictures and working on my site on his days off, currently Monday or Tuesdays. I took a bunch of pictures of my art with my cell phone mostly as placeholders for when I can replace with more quality images. These images are a record of what I’m doing most of the time. Actually not true. I won’t post most of the stuff I’m doing most of the time because I usually dislike what I’m working on, but maybe being unemployed will change that.

Ok so it’s time now to go watch Veep reruns with my brother. He uploaded some images today, his day off and soon he’ll figure out how to add new images so they don’t appear at the end of a queue. You have to re-look-at my previous pictures to see the new ones, sorry. I think once I get used to this my opinions on various subjects will interest you more than my pictures.

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